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Skywriters is the name of the musical vehicle for this guy in the suit, principally because it sounds more interesting than his own name, which is Greg Mannering and which doesn't sound very rock n roll. Despite this handicap, Greg has been singing and playing bass and guitar in a variety of rock n roll ensembles, both electric and acoustic, for longer than he feels it wise to reveal here.

Playing other peoples' music a good deal of the time, he nevertheless always carried with him the desire to give wings to songs of his own creation. These songs have been slowly morphing into existence over several years and have gradually gathered into an untidy pile in the spare room of his imagination. The first handful of these songs to be randomly selected from the pile appear as the debut Skywriters EP 'Inside Out'.

Greg has been an obsessive absorber of all sorts of music for his whole life, but it is the songs of the great guitar pop/rock bands which have always resonated the loudest for him and perhaps their influence is discernible on 'Inside Out'. Even if it isn't, Greg hopes the listener will find a tuneful pop hook or two and in any case he's happy at the very least to have tidied up one corner of the spare room of his imagination.